These works position the viewer within the infinity of human life and the dichotomy of suffering it entails. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are at a distance from us and we may approach them through a mediated pattern. This pattern can be understood as the Unified Field as theorized through quantum mechanics, or the representation of subtle vibrations that encompasses all of life. The absence of pattern represents the center channel, this is our individuality in the world, a space in which to align ourselves and extrapolate our deepest truths in relation to the whole. In the face of the suffering that these horsemen represent, one is encouraged to enter our personal emotions and understand our humanity through the exploration of the self. We must acknowledge our presence as a result of history and work to dismantle personal and collective traumas which only perpetuate needless suffering. 

DEMO REELGarbage Conglomorate Theater // Trash Talk // The Peep Show // How to Destroy Video

By limiting my use of materials to garbage I demonstrate the emergent properties of these materials as well as to inquire into the necessity of the continued production of new materials. With a skill set in sculpture and painting, I animate sets to create video productions that often deal with satirical representations of mainstream media or that question the status quo and customs of society.


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