Amberlie Perkin’s art practice involves listening to ghosts.  Drawn to the interplay of grief and ecology, her thesis project Honoring Ghosts & The Nature of Grief explores wounded ecologies in relation to both the human body and our non-human kin in this time of environmental degradation and accelerated extinctions. Perkin’s artwork examines how curious and embodied engagement with the natural environment can provide a visual and material language to articulate the complex and often abstract emotions of grieving.  Her process enacts the materiality of mourning and metamorphosis. Perkin’s installations are an invitation to make metaphoric connections to nature, to feel, to remember, and to commune with ghosts.

This yearlong thesis project includes three works:

Listen Now to the Quickening of Ghosts Who Whisper Rebuild, Rebuild

Tracing Your Ghost II

This Body Won’t Hold You

Listen Now to The Quickening of Ghosts Who Whisper   Rebuild, Rebuild

Sculptural works intended for final thesis exhibition installation.  Variable Dimensions. Chicken wire, paper mache, acrylic paint, and relief prints of tree stumps, pine bark & lichen on rice paper.

Tracing Your Ghost II

Installation. Variable Dimensions.  Sculptural works created with relief prints of fragmented tree stumps, ponderosa pine bark and lichen on rice paper.

This Body Won't Hold You

Installation. Variable Dimensions. Chicken wire, paper paste, acrylic paint, hand ground charcoal.


Amberlie Perkin is an interdisciplinary artist and art educator.  Her artwork investigates place, history, grief, and wounded ecologies.  Perkin’s diverse practice is deeply rooted in the embodied experience of engaging with nature and physically exploring sites which have been altered, often detrimentally, by human industrial interventions.  She is drawn to abandoned or wounded landscapes, searching for their histories, remnants, and ghosts. Her practice celebrates kinship while offering a poetic lamentation of our complex relationship with the natural environment.

Amberlie Perkin holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of Art & Design (2010), a Bachelor of Education from Simon Fraser University (2011), and a Master of Visual Arts Degree from Emily Carr University of Art & Design (2020).  She has exhibited both locally and internationally.

IG: @amberlieperkinart