I create functional ceramic vessels to be the antiques of the future. Working with a medium that has spanned human history, I am compelled to ask how ceramics can create our material future. Mixing traditional ceramic processes: wheel throwing, hand-building, and mold-making—to build, dissect, and reconstruct vessels that defy gravity in a deeply earthbound practice. Sharing an inherent relationship between myself and the material I work with, I look to the intersection of human bodies, civilization and culture in the past, present, and future through the time-tested immortality of ceramics.

This work is part of a series of installations of vessels that are constructed to relate to one another. They are hand built using molds of wheel-thrown forms and finished with sprayed wood ash glazes to push the limits of intention and accident in the final form and surface treatment.

My practice revolves around function, therefore a very important part of what I do includes making conventional dinnerware. These practical pieces are an exciting showcase for my biggest love in ceramics, glazing. I often use my dinnerware as tests for glazes and surface treatments that will then find their way into my installation pieces.

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