Arcadia | Nicole Yang

A pair of brother’s friendship is tested by the arrival of a new neighbour, as they adventure through their fantasy land of Arcadia.

Film Stills - Arcadia


Two young brothers grow up in a low-income family. The only friends they have are each other. They spend their days in their imaginary world – Arcadia, as adults. Meanwhile, a new neighbour has moved in next door and they meet him later on in the film.

It is a story of friendship, childhood, and imagination.

Artist Statement

I am a filmmaker currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. Visual storytelling is what I am passionate about. Telling stories from my perspective, my thoughts, my dreams, as well as sending my audience messages that I want to convey means the world to me. What drives my motivation are my dreams and my experiences. Ever since I could remember, I have had dreams every night, occasionally mixing them up with reality. Often, the combination of the two can spark great film ideas. While the style of my work can lean towards either the quirky or thrilling side, I am heavily influenced by Wes Anderson and nostalgia.


Nicole Yang is a filmmaker who was born in Beijing and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She mostly focuses on writing and directing. Rather than focus on a specific genre, she jumps between either dark thrillers or light hearted dramedies. Her work tends to address themes of humanity, while having comedic yet nostalgic undertones.

Family Recipe | Iris Cheng

A girl prepares a family dinner on a Sunday night to eat with her busy parents; however, things did not turn out as she hoped…

Family Recipe - Trailer

Director's Statement

Families nowadays are distancing from each other. I see capitalism and technology as the main reasons why. People are fighting and racing with time for money, playing games on their phones and checking people’s lives through social media.

My ongoing project is about a Taiwanese family, alienated from each other, numbing from their busy daily routine and gradually forgetting the importance of each other.

Growing up in Taiwan and coming to Vancouver for university, I’ve noticed there is a big difference in the lifestyle and pace for the two cultural backgrounds. People in Vancouver have a really regular schedule, which allows them to spend more time with people they love, compared to Taiwan. Taiwanese life is often overtaken by work. By making this project, I hope Taiwanese, or even people who are also being overwhelmed by life, can see these reflections and come to the realization of how they could improve their lives after watching my film.

Family Recipe - Behind The Scenes


Iris Cheng holds a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. During her time in the Film + Screen Art program, she gained experience as a director, screenwriter and editor. As a filmmaker, Iris is interested in the topic of dreams and relationships between humans, since she is interested in the conflict between the human ego and the subconscious. Being born in Canada and raised in Taiwan also affects her perspective of cultural differences. She believes film as mass media can show the world the beauty of a country and the cultural background of different races, especially her cultural background – Taiwanese.

Rosetta | Hwa Pyung Lim

A barista’s mundane shift takes a turn when a customer from hell enters his coffee shop.

Rosetta - Trailer


A rude customer interrupts a tired barista’s mundane routine with an oddly complicated request – a coffee prepared with flour.

Artist Statement

I am interested in the visual storytelling and cinematography of film, which I have been experimenting with since I was 10 years old. I have always hoped to be able to tell the stories of the people in Bolivia, a country with drastically diverse cultures and people, and a country that I have learned to call home. I want to tell the stories of voices that never get heard in mainstream media, and to push the boundaries of storytelling through a simple visual medium. I intend to ultimately work back in my home country and hopefully grow a booming film industry someday.

Behind The Scenes


Hwa Pyung Lim was born in South Korea and moved to Bolivia at the age of five. Since elementary school, he has been interested in making short films with his friends, eventually inspiring him to focus on cinematography. He has been studying at Emily Carr University of Art and Design since 2016, studying in the Film, Media, and Screen Arts program. He is interested in telling people’s stories through the visual language of cinema, and giving minorities a voice through film.

Story of Yi | Ge Song

Yin, an author who lives in his own words, falls in love with his new neighbour. Inspired by the girl, he creates a character named “Yi ”. However, whose reality is he actually living in?  

This project was awarded The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in Film/Live Action

Story of Yi - Trailer


Yin, an author, doesn’t like reality and he lives in his own world. He survives on writing and cola, and only leaves the house is when the cola runs out. One day, as he is coming home from a cola run, he meets his new neighbour as he is climbing the stairs. He falls in love with the girl immediately – she is the girl of his dreams. He is inspired by her and creates a character named Yi. He begins to write the “Story of Yi.”

From that moment, he starts to observe her every day through the peep hole in his door. Every time she returns home, she is holding a package of apples. One day, Yin sees an apple in the stairwell. He knows it belongs to the girl and struggles with whether or not he should return the apple, which would mean he would have to leave his apartment for something other than a cola. He then begins to question his own lifestyle, what he believes as reasonable, and why he is not able to exist in reality. But then again, whose reality is he actually living in?

Director's Statement

My work covers a wide range of genres, including experimental, documentary and narrative. Each of them are experiments that stem from my passion and curiosity to present ideas and stories visually with imagination. I use distinctive editing techniques to demonstrate my personal style and to create a unique rhythm that resonates with the audience. 

This short film plays around with the narrative structure in multiple layers. The plot is completely led by the voiceover of the two narrators. Using the art of language not only unfolds their stories, but also builds the characters of the two narrators. I tried to jump out of the traditional editing techniques and present a narrative story without continuity editing. My hope is my work demonstrates creativity in storytelling.

Story of Yi - Film Stills


Gracy Song is a recent graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She is a creative video maker and editor. She would like to explore the unlimited field of video making and produce some creative and inspired works. Her works usually express strong emotions.

She independently produced some interesting works during her time at Emily Carr, including three experimental short films exploring dark emotion, a media installation using broken glass as a projector and a narrative short film about a ballet dancer.  Her grad film explores the narrative structure in multiple layers through non-traditional editing techniques. She also has a documentary currently under production, called “Chao Lian”, about a small island located in Jiang Meng, China. 

Gracy is fearless to try all different types, styles, genres and forms of video making. She believes making videos in different styles is inspiring and exciting. She will keep exploring and creating new videos that resonate with audiences. 

The Chameleon | Yongqi Zheng

When twilight turns into blackness, a chameleon slowly crawls out of its gap. Its appearance gradually emerges, but its heart is still cold.


This story is based on the murderer in the “Kidnapping and Murder of Yingying Zhang” case, which took place from June 9, 2017 to July 18, 2019.

CHARLIE, the protagonist, always has the same nightmare. His friend, ALAN, comes and visits him one night. They have an uncomfortable conversation and then hear the news of a kidnapping on the radio. Everything is strange – Charlie’s apartment and Alan. BEN, Charlie’s younger brother who has a mental illness, comes out from his bedroom and tells Charlie and Alan that he just murdered a girl. Charlie does not believe it, but after he sees the blood on Ben’s hands, he is angry and wants to call the police. However, everything is not as it seems. Ben is actually just in Charlie’s imagination. But if so, who killed the girl, and who is Alan? Is he really Charlie’s friend? The answer is waiting to be discovered.

Artist Statement

Oriol Paulo once said in an interview, “I would go to bed reading mystery novels that kept me up all night until the enigma was solved. In a certain way, I try to bring that same feeling to my films.” That resonated with me. Film is a medium that uses stories to build emotions. In most mystery stories, the evil comes from humans. Being able to unfold the inner evils of the character brings me joy in filmmaking. As well, creating a complex story with an open ending allows audiences to question and leaves an impression.

I love to challenge myself. From writing my first suspense film to my latest suspense film, I tried to give more layers to the story – not just simply tell a bad guy story. Recently, I realized adapting a true story into a suspense drama leaves a deeper impression on the audience. It is a way to spread the true story and encourage the audience to pay attention long after my film has been screened. Generally speaking, films for me are a tool to express my thoughts to my audience.

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR | Yongqi Zheng / Vicky

Vicky Zheng is a Vancouver-based filmmaker from Guangdong, China, and graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2020. She settled down in Vancouver in 2013 and became interested in taking photos and recording videos in this attractive city.

She is interested in discovering many different styles and looks in films. She loves narrative, fashion, and experimental films, and sometimes combines these three categories. She desires to create something new and special in her future films.