Jacknife and The Love Theory | Oscar Flores

In a dystopic world, Jacknife is on a quest of self-discovery through a series of events that will lead him to a better understanding of love.

Jacknife and The Love Theory - Trailer


Jacknife and the Love Theory is a story in a dystopian future world, where our main character Jacknife discovers himself through transformation, the mysterious, adventures, and the occult. A series of events will lead him to a new perception of what love is about.

Director's Statement

This project was meant to be an exploration of working with 16mm film (color and black + white), as well as Super 8 formats. I consider the concept and story a big part of my personal experiences and essence, heavily influenced by surrealist and abstract artists.

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Jacknife and The Love Theory - Behind The Scenes Video Pt. 1

Jacknife and The Love Theory - Behind The Scenes Video Pt. 2


Born and raised in Mexico City, Oskar Flowers is a multimedia artist, with a current focus in analog practices in the fields of film and sound. He is interested in the abstraction and surrealism that can be achieved through the before mentioned fields.

Story of Yi | Ge Song

Yin, an author who lives in his own words, falls in love with his new neighbour. Inspired by the girl, he creates a character named “Yi ”. However, whose reality is he actually living in?  

Story of Yi - Trailer


Yin, an author, doesn’t like reality and he lives in his own world. He survives on writing and cola, and only leaves the house is when the cola runs out. One day, as he is coming home from a cola run, he meets his new neighbour as he is climbing the stairs. He falls in love with the girl immediately – she is the girl of his dreams. He is inspired by her and creates a character named Yi. He begins to write the “Story of Yi.”

From that moment, he starts to observe her every day through the peep hole in his door. Every time she returns home, she is holding a package of apples. One day, Yin sees an apple in the stairwell. He knows it belongs to the girl and struggles with whether or not he should return the apple, which would mean he would have to leave his apartment for something other than a cola. He then begins to question his own lifestyle, what he believes as reasonable, and why he is not able to exist in reality. But then again, whose reality is he actually living in?

Director's Statement

My work covers a wide range of genres, including experimental, documentary and narrative. Each of them are experiments that stem from my passion and curiosity to present ideas and stories visually with imagination. I use distinctive editing techniques to demonstrate my personal style and to create a unique rhythm that resonates with the audience. 

This short film plays around with the narrative structure in multiple layers. The plot is completely led by the voiceover of the two narrators. Using the art of language not only unfolds their stories, but also builds the characters of the two narrators. I tried to jump out of the traditional editing techniques and present a narrative story without continuity editing. My hope is my work demonstrates creativity in storytelling.

Story of Yi - Film Stills


Gracy Song is a recent graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She is a creative video maker and editor. She would like to explore the unlimited field of video making and produce some creative and inspired works. Her works usually express strong emotions.

She independently produced some interesting works during her time at Emily Carr, including three experimental short films exploring dark emotion, a media installation using broken glass as a projector and a narrative short film about a ballet dancer.  Her grad film explores the narrative structure in multiple layers through non-traditional editing techniques. She also has a documentary currently under production, called “Chao Lian”, about a small island located in Jiang Meng, China. 

Gracy is fearless to try all different types, styles, genres and forms of video making. She believes making videos in different styles is inspiring and exciting. She will keep exploring and creating new videos that resonate with audiences.