Nikka Foroughi

Caleido is an application that eases immigrants’ transition to a new country by connecting them to the most helpful people all around the world.


What is better than watching the results of my efforts during the past eight months coming to life?! 
Starting this journey in September 2020, it was difficult for me to see the desirable ending result as we were not in an ordinary year. The covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s lives all around the world and caused us to experience sadness, loneliness, depression, and so on. However, it most importantly taught us to appreciate our friend’s and families’ presence more than before and to enjoy little things we lost when regaining them after the pandemic is gone. 
I started my reflection with the pandemic situation because it is similar to what most immigrants experience when they start their new life in the new country. Homesickness, depression and loneliness are just a small part of these struggles and I was not an exception as an immigrant. 
Caleido is a reflection of my personal story of immigration and I designed this app in the hope of seeing fewer immigrants struggling with their immigration process in the near future using my application.
I am so proud of how far this project has improved and can’t wait for the day when I see Caleido is benefiting millions of immigrants’ life all around the world by assisting them to achieve their goals.
I would like to appreciate all my professors, mentors, peers, classmates, my family and friends who encouraged me and helped me with their valuable feedback to bring my idea to life.

Nikka Foroughi

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Hello, my name is Nikka. I am an interaction design graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. I am trained in both architectural and interaction design and understand design’s permanence and its dynamism. I grew up in an artistic family and that led me to embrace multidisciplinary design as a career. I work in Interaction Design, Communication Design and Architectural Design.
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