Tuyen (Leni) Hoang

Veins are tissues made from garments, unused, lost their purposes, donated, thrown. This project explored creating seat-able structures with them and later took on a speculative route. What happens when the seat form is informed by Vietnamese indigenous beliefs?

Tall stool 20″ x 17″
Plywood, steel, recycled denim and leather

Comfort stool 18″ x 17.25″
Plywood, steel, recycled cotton and leather

With gratitude –

To our mentors: Sophie Gaur, Christian Blyt, Scott Staniland and Keith Doyle with their knowledge and kindness; Our amazing technicians: Jen, Claire, Brian, Trevor, Renee, Marty, Joe, Ian, Steven, Logan; And my wonderful peers: Laura Escueta, Ruth Weng, Naomi Boyd, Chayann Aravena, Nicholas Assarasakorn, Candice Chang, Ayako Takagi, Katharine Percy, Morgan Martino.

Tuyen (Leni) Hoang

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Stories have power to bridge differences. Shaping the narrative and experience of a design is what Tuyen loves to do as a designer. Her approach takes inspiration from her own culture that challenges Eurocentric thinking in the practice of design.
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